Note: How Do You Use Terracotta Self-Watering Spikes?

Terracotta self-watering spikes are an easy and effective way to keep your plants watered over a period of time without having to manually water them regularly. They can be use for (depending on your soil type) but they work best for in loose loamy soils. are quite simple to use if you follow the steps outlined in this process:

To use terracotta watering spikes start by soaking them in water for 10 minutes. Next, remove them from the water. While the spikes are still wet, push or bury them into the soil next to your plants. Fill a bottle with water. Insert the bottle into the spike. Check from time to time and keep the bottle filled with water Adjust location of the spikes as needed. See below for a more detailed guide.

Step 1: Soak the Spikes

  • Place the terracotta watering spikes into a large glass or plastic container filled with enough water to cover each spike.
  • Allow the spikes to soak in the container until they are fully absorbed with water — about 10 minutes. The clay will turn a dark color and bubbles should stop releasing from the pores in the clay.

Step 2: Press the Spikes into the Soil

  • Press the terracotta plant watering spikes into the soil near each plant. You want the spike within a plant's root zone but not near the main stem. 3-6 inches away from the main stem.
  • Do not force the spike into the soil if it is difficult to press them in. They may break. You may have to dig a small hole first or loosen the soil.

Step 3: Fill the Container

  • Fill a plastic bottle, beer bottle, or wine bottle with water.

Step 4: Insert the Container into the Spike

  • While putting your finger over the opening of the bottle, turn it over and insert the neck of the bottle into the opening of the watering spike.

Step 5: Monitor and Adjust

  • Check on the terracotta self-watering spikes periodically to ensure that they have not dried out and water is being fed from the bottle. Add more water to the bottle as needed or if you will be gone for an extended trip.
  • Also, adjust the spike's location as your plants grow to ensure you are giving your plant the right amount of water. The closer the spike is to your plant the more saturated the soil. Further away from your plant the less saturate.
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