How Do I Take My Swiffer Apart?

If you find yourself thinking you need to take apart your it is pretty easy. You can easily accomplish this in just a few minutes and put it back together in the same amount of time.

To Take Your Swiffer Wet Jet Apart Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Find the two phillips head screws and unscrew them and put them aside for when you need to put your Swiffer back together.

Step 2: On the battery case your will find a button/plunger/lever that you need to push down on so it will come apart from the rest of the .

Step 3: If you need to take your apart further than that you can pull and twist on the handle to remove that and the battery case for the mop head.

Step 4: Reverse the process to put it all back together.

You can also open a swiffer wet jet bottle to refill it with a solution of your choice.

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