Apple or Carrot Facial Mask Recipe

Take the few minutes every week and give your skin the care it needs using this homemade facial mask recipe. It uses your choice of apples or carrots and is super simple to make so you can use make in minutes. Although this mask may seem simple, it is very effective for making your skin look and feel great.

How To Make:


  • Honey
  • 1 Apple or a large carrot


To make an apple or carrot face mask follow these steps:

  • Grate an apple or carrot finely
  • Add about 4 tablespoons of honey.
  • Mix it well
  • Apply the mask to your face wait 10 minutes and rinse.

If your skin is oily, use apples. If your skin is non-oily use carrots. I tend to use the apples most of the time but if my skin is feeling dry, I use carrots for my facial mask that week.

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